Beyond Sight Media began with a passion for aviation and creativity. We strive to produce the most unique and creative content for our clients that engages audiences and produces results.

Beyond Sight Media pilots are fully licensed by the FAA, holding the Part 107 certificate and holds a waiver that allows for night flying under 107.29. Each of our drones are fully registered with the FAA. We strictly follow FAA rules and strive to keep you, your property, observers, and our staff safe. Safety is always our number one priority.



1. Describe the nature of your project and what you hope to accomplish.

2. Tell us when and where you would like us to fly.

3. We will review your project and determine what steps, if necessary, will be required to fulfill your request.

1. We will follow up with you to ensure everyone is on the same page.

2. We will send a pilot to your location to fly at the determined time and place.


3. Your pilot will send us the data he gathers.


4. We review and edit the imagery.


1. We will notify you when our team has finished editing your media.


2. We will send you a link where you can download the imagery or arrange delivery.