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Give your clients the opportunity to see all angles, with our high resolution aerial photography. Take your real estate marketing to the next level, with crystal clear views that will represent your properties’ best features.

Our drones can produce sophisticated 2D maps and 3D digital elevation models that enable you to fill in imaging gaps left by satellite mapping with up-to-date data. Orthomosaic maps are created with a large number of overlapping photos covering a defined area. After capturing precise aerial imagery, we then use software to knit the photos into georectified orthomosaics.


Aerial photography and video of your construction site filmed on a consistent basis can provide crucial information to project managers, executive staff, investors and lenders. They can also be used for marketing purposes to ignite pre-sales and pre-leasing opportunities. Affordable packages are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis or can be custom-tailored to suit your individual needs.


Beyond Sight Media can assist you with inspections of industrial equipment and facilities including cell and water towers, power lines, antennas, wind mills, smoke stacks, pipelines, solar panels, bridges, and more. Insurance companies can utilize our footage to assess claims related to storm damage, accidents or catastrophic events. 

In the digital world, with people feeling the impulse to quickly scroll through information, your ability to capture the attention of potential customers is vitally important. In those precious seconds that a customer is looking at your property, your audience needs to be captivated.

With breathtaking footage of the area surrounding the home, viewers imagine what it’s like to stay at your property. All of the questions that would take minutes flipping through picture after picture and reading descriptions can be answered in seconds with a cinematic video. 

Our high-resolution, virtual video tours are the ideal marketing tool for capturing the story of your property and its location. Our cutting-edge video tour technology offers an interactive experience for any property or development.


This service includes a combination of ground and aerial videography, providing you a comprehensive marketing tool that brings your properties to life and attracts buyers.

In today's fast-paced real estate market, potential home buyers have numerous online resources at their fingertips. Websites, such as Zillow and Trulia, provide buyers with a multitude of options in finding their new home. Buyers rely on these websites' images to help them narrow down potential home choices. By utilizing real estate photography from Beyond Sight Media, agents are able to present their listings more professionally and stand out among the crowd. 

Marketing your commercial property with tools that include aerial photography can create an intimate persona for your office or retail complex. Potential tenants or buyers can gain a unique perspective of your building, strip center or mall and how it is situated to traffic flow, the surrounding environment, and the afforded views it may offer. Drone videos and aerial photos can be shot, day or night, from multiple angles giving you a plethora of options.

Since 2017, Beyond Sight Media has been delivering the finest in drone video and photography. We're FAA Part 107 certified, night operations approved, and fully insured for your next project. We strive to produce the most unique and creative content for our clients that engages audiences and produces results.

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