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Since its 2017 inception, Beyond Sight Media has established itself as a premier force in real estate visual content, specializing in high-quality photography and videography. Our mission is dedicated to producing captivating visual content that stands out in the competitive real estate market. We pride ourselves on highlighting the unique features of properties, ranging from luxurious residences to commercial complexes, with the goal of attracting buyers and tenants through engaging narratives and standout presentations.

We offer tailored services to showcase properties in their best light, including detailed interior shots and expansive aerial views, to enhance listing appeal and marketability. Beyond Sight Media partners with real estate professionals to amplify their marketing efforts, focusing on generating interest, enhancing online presence, and securing pre-sales. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction has positioned us as a trusted name in real estate visual content. We are dedicated to achieving our clients' goals with impactful visuals and are proud to serve Austin, San Antonio, New Braunfels, Seguin, Houston, the Hill Country, and additional areas, ensuring our reach and expertise benefit a wide range of clients.

In the swiftly evolving landscape of the real estate market, potential homebuyers are empowered by a wealth of online platforms. These sites offer an extensive array of choices for those on the quest for their next home, making the visual presentation of listings more crucial than ever. High-quality images serve as a primary tool for buyers to sift through and shortlist their preferred properties. Leveraging professional real estate photography from Beyond Sight Media enables agents to elevate their listings. 

Marketing your commercial property with tools that include aerial photography can create an intimate persona for your office or retail complex. Potential tenants or buyers can gain a unique perspective of your building, strip center or mall and how it is situated to traffic flow, the surrounding environment, and the afforded views it may offer. Drone videos and aerial photos can be shot, day or night, from multiple angles giving you a plethora of options.

We specialize in photographing multifamily properties, from expansive complexes and towering high-rises to more intimate units, embracing the full diversity these properties offer. Our focus is on showcasing the variety of amenities - from inviting common areas and refreshing pools to fully-equipped gyms and individual residential units, not to mention the vibrant neighborhoods that surround each property.

This service combines ground-level videography with the innovative Matterport 3D virtual tours, providing a comprehensive marketing tool that brings your properties to life and captivates potential buyers. The Matterport technology enables viewers to immerse themselves in the property, offering the ability to look up, down, and spin 360 degrees as they virtually “walk through” the home from any connected device. Experience this incredible technology and discover a new dimension in property showcases.

Site Monitoring

Photography in construction project management is pivotal for informed oversight and decision-making, offering a detailed view of progress and early detection of issues. This not only aids in operational management but also serves as a dynamic marketing tool, enhancing pre-sales and pre-leasing by presenting the project's development attractively.

In today's rapid digital world, where content is quickly skipped, capturing potential customers' attention is essential. The short time your property catches a viewer's eye is a critical chance to engage them with captivating content for a memorable impact.

Stunning footage of your property can instantly captivate viewers, making them imagine staying at your location. This immersive method addresses many questions faster than browsing through photos and reading long descriptions. A well-made cinematic video can highlight your property's essence and charm in a few impactful seconds, creating a vivid, lasting impression far beyond what static images and text can achieve.

Inspection Services

Beyond Sight Media offers advanced aerial inspections for various industrial assets, ensuring safe, comprehensive evaluations with minimal risk. Our technology accesses difficult and dangerous areas, like cell towers and bridges, boosting safety and efficiency. We also aid insurance companies with accurate aerial footage for swift, precise damage assessments, streamlining claims after storms, accidents, or catastrophes. Our services enhance industrial and insurance operations, improving efficiency and decision-making. Our innovative approach transforms inspections and claims processes, leading to safer, more efficient infrastructure management.

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